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The Microsoft Photo Exhibition Program is a presentation software for Windows XP. If you’re looking for a similar program for Windows Vista or 7, check with Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live movie photo album you can drag and drop photos in the window, organize them as needed, and then offer a Custom narration, transitions, zooms, griddle, audio soundtracks and/or custom, automatically generated music, then export the results to WMV (function () {(‘ overview app page-desktop ‘);}); May be difficult in some applications, but not in Microsoft Photo history is the application of such features. The thing is that you don’t have to fit a whole lot adjusted because the program will automatically generate it for your conversions and Zoom/Pans without installing it yourself. In addition, those that generated in the standard look, you can just sit back and let Microsoft Photo Story do anything for you, there’s still a lot you can play if you feel adventurous. For example, you can create your own soundtracks for your slideshow. You can choose from the bumperThe range of musical genres, temps, tools and effects, giving you the ability to accurately match the mood of your Microsoft photo story in WMV format file, which is Microsoft more compressed than a wheel or another, Type Film F Iles. You can choose from different resolutions to optimize your slideshow. Unfortunately, however, the output of films of the software is not as sharp as it may be in VCD or DVD shame that Microsoft Photo Story does not support the recording of DVD and VCD from the created slideshow, and you need your own DVD authoring application to do. There are programs like ProShow, which include recording opportunities and support for higher resolutions, but there areNot much what the image is in terms of its ease of use and automated if you want to quickly create a stand-out photo presentations, it’s worth downloading the Microsoft article photo.

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