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Sometimes easier is better. This is probably the motto that inspired Lajtšot developers, a very simple, but useful screenshot replaces the standard PRTSCR functionality in Windows and allows you to take pictures of your sceen, although only in two ways: Full screen or selected by User area. When the image is taken, Lajtšot displays a small image bar at the bottom of several (function () {“View-apt-page-desktop”);}); You can use the image to save to your local disk, copy it to the Clipboard, or undo the capture, plus two interesting options: Save a photo on the internet for a free file storage service perfect share with friends or it Make a surprising feature, a rich online IMA GE editor lets you shoot in several ways, such as cropping, reformatting, adding new layers, or even using it with working relationships, filters, and special effects. When finished, you can simply take the picture to the hard disk to save in JPG, BMP or have a good substitute with standard PRTSCR functions in Windows. This is an impressive online editor, but there are no more opportunities to occupation.

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