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League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online) Battle Arena where two teams of five players fight to destroy the enemy base reminiscent of DotA. By offering a free offer, the octane mix of RPG and strategy combined with a pinch of Action, the legendary League (LoL for short) can offer a game that is fun and deep, and will certainly delight online multiplayer followers of MOBA (Furious). Thian () {(‘ Review-app-page-desktop ‘);});

Against well-known competitors such as Smite and DotA 2, League of Legends has been established as a benchmark for the genus MOBA with nearly 40 000 000 monthly players. The best thing about LoL is the strength of its gameplay, which requires you to react quickly without forgetting the strategic depth.

The most popular game mode LoL (5 vs 5 battles for enemy bass Control) offers games of about 40 minutes, they must be played in one sitting, stop in the middle of a game will leave your team numbered which usually means that L ERAI LL players resign.

Fortunately, many other game modes are available if you don’t have time for a long battle: You can make 3 against 3 or 5 against 5 battles with random characters and play against the painters controlled by artificial intelligence. LoL offers a variety of diverse and ever-growing gaming experiences: developers always add new game modes and heroes so that long time players still don’t lose this stretching game

Since the League of Legends made its debut, the developer has made a point to make the game more accessible to beginners (a complex task for MOBA games). With a lot of training against artificial insemination and a system that puts you against other players with a skill level similar to yours, the experience is much better on the go.

Remember that LoL is quite challenging and that the first parts of the game are often frustrated. You must be able through these steps if you want to be a good player and enjoy all the advantages that the game plays in the long run.

Like most MOBA games, the League of Legends suffers a huge deficit: it is a team game where communication is extremely important. Unfortunately, some players tend to move on as soon as they feel a little frustrated.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see Sari’s flying around the conversation, along with more antisocial behavior. It’s a shame because this in turn can ruin the experience of playing games. Feel free to play with friends or disable the call for a peaceful game!

Keep in mind that, like all competitive online games, League of Legends attaches great importance to fair play: Even without investing money in the game, it should be possible to remain competitive with other players. The strategy of fair play usually works quite well, because the game is often recalibrated to prevent characters too strong from representing over others. My only complaint relates to the Bracken system, as these should not add add-ons that make their characters stronger to be in a competitive game that’s free to play.

Average graphics, but in constant development

Launched in 2009, the Alliance of Legends is not at the level of the graphics of the current generation. The character models are outdated, just like the scenes. AfortunadamenteSin However, the developer is always working to improve the characters ‘ patterns and make them moreAttractive. Although there are some disappointing graphical aspects (especially the design of female characters), everything seems to work quite revealing and is quite impressive.

You will notice that the content of the game * * is updated frequently * * With developers making changes in character models, textures, maps and sounds to let the game evolve over a classic online game

League of Legends is a classic. By incorporating a team game system that combines strategy and role-playing, the program offers a very dynamic and interesting experience that you will be able to enjoy in the long run thanks to its rich gameplay.

Legend League is a success (technically less complicated than DotA 2 but more accessible) and is regularly updated in the content. But remember, even if it’s free, you can still pay a lot of your pocket if you want in your hands some of the content paid (including the system “Rhee” that annoys you).

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