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Without testing the American submarine Captain team Navy seals to save the Russian president who kidnapped the Rogue General.

Director: Donovan Marsh Writers: Arnane Schmidt (screenwriter) (as Madhura L. Schmidt), Jamie Moss (screenplay)

The submarine USS Tampa Bay disappears and is overshadowed by the Russian Akula class in the Arctic. Admiral John fish broadcasts in the Virginia-class submarine USS Arkansas, under the command again promoted and unconventional Commander Joe Glass investigate. Meanwhile, the Navy team under Lt. Bill Beasan is sent unnoticed by looking at the Russian naval base, but their task is quickly exacerbated when Martinelli, the new DM team recruit, seems unconscious under the falling Halo. When they came to the Naval Base, the witness defense Minister Dmitry Durov holds a coup and from the prisoner of the Russian President Zakhar, and quickly realize that Durov will run

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